TrakRanger Hytera DMR Data DispatcherHytera DMR

Hytera DMR radios are fully compatible with TrakRanger, with full data dispatching features, including:

TrakRanger can interface to a Hytera radio system via one or more fixed radios, or directly to a repeater both via the USB interface. Either a dedicated Data Interface Unit (DIU) or a Windows based PC running the DIU software may be used.

Already used by a variety of clients from Government departments through to retail outlets, TrakRanger provides radio management and GPS based tracking for Hytera DMR radios. Uniquely TrakRanger can be installed either as a managed (cloud hosted) or as a traditional locally installed system.

In addition to normal data dispatcher features, TrakRanger includes a powerful rules based event engine, that when triggered a rule can check against any number of criteria and if successful can run one or more actions. The triggers range from a location update to a PTT, with criteria such as location, speed, text message and many more.


  • Text messaging
  • Activity/event log
  • Stun/revive radios
  • Remote monitor
  • Radio check
  • Call alert
  • Event/action rules
  • Live and historical GPS location tracking
  • Breadcrumb/snail trail views
  • Up to date, worldwide mapping
  • Editable maps
  • Multiple sites & operators
  • Alarm handling

As a hosted system, TrakRanger can be deployed rapidly and is cost effective for both large and micro systems (one or more radios).


The TrakRanger client software runs as a web application, making it fully compatible with:

  • Windows XP or later (IE 6+)
  • Chrome OS
  • Smartphones
  • Apple MAC
  • iPhone
  • iPad


If you are a radio dealer interested in TrakRanger, please register here for more information. Existing TrakRanger dealers can be found here.