Lone worker monitoring

The responsibility for workforce health & safety is ever growing and presents a real challenge in the case of employees who work alone, such as social workers, traffic wardens, engineers and security staff.  TrakRanger provides protection in a variety of ways making lone working safer, reducing minimum staffing levels and allowing both a reactive and proactive approach.

A user can react to a situation by raising the alarm to generate a variety of customisable actions and events, Combine this function with tracking and those back at base know the exact whereabouts of the staff member so that help can be sent immediately.

Alternatively the system can be used proactively to request a response from the user (for example sending an audible signal to which they must respond within a set time). Failure to respond then triggers a customised alarm, such as an email or SMS message to a designated supervisor or manager.

The TrakRanger system enables you to introduce these protocols geographically, so when a lone worker enters a high-risk area, lone worker monitoring is automatically switched on and the user notified by SMS message.