Text mesaging for professional radio, PMR, mobile device to PC, MAC and more

Clear, unambiguous, efficient messaging

When accuracy is paramount or the environment particularly noisy, text messaging has specific benefits over voice. Information is clear, unequivocal and remains available for reference so messaging technology can play a key part in maintaining security and health & safety.

TrakRanger is also an email to text gateway, allowing users and operators to send unambiguous information instantly between a wide range of devices, including PCs, radios, mobiles, personal safety devices and vehicle radios. Not only is messaging a quick and highly efficient means of communication, but texting via radio is also free, so it is a cost effective solution too.

Messaging functionality can be fully integrated with TrakRanger’s inbuilt alarm handling system. For example text messages can be used to trigger alarms: Unlike with other systems, with TrakRanger text messages can be scanned and events or alerts can be generated automatically in response to defined keywords. Moreover, TrakRanger allows you to use messaging in response to alarms: When an alarm is triggered an alert can be automatically sent by text. For example, if a worker exits or enters a geofence area, the supervisor can be informed instantly by text.